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Loughborough Rotaserv recently staged a charity car wash. The venue was outside Halfords at the Willowbrook [Retail] Park. Halfords were happy to let us use an outside tap and kindly provided us with a few buckets & some Halfords Car Wash. We provided some more buckets, chamois leathers, sponges, a watering can (for washing off the soap suds), oh and of course, some elbow grease.

Our group assembled on the Willowbrook Park car park on a pleasantly mild - rain would not have aided our cause - Sunday morning. We hung some banners on the side of our President’s van to advertise our trade to passing motorists and charged £2 for a car wash although additional donations were welcome.

I have been told that too many large four wheel drive vehicles, in need of a good wash, rolled up. I wouldn’t have known that because the author of this article did not appear on the scene until 1.00 p.m. In fact I only washed one car - my own. I like to wash my car at least once a year whether it needs doing or not. On finishing my own car it appeared that many shoppers had gone for their lunch and it was quite so I decided to call it a day, go home and put my feet up.

Our labours had been well rewarded for a few hours work we had raised £59.50 for the club’s Community Fund and I am sure we will be repeating the exercise in the not too distant future.